Afrofilm Screening #3 I Diasporic Realities

Thursday, December 17th, 2020, 7.30pm

**The screening will take place online!**

Welcome to the third screening of Afrofilm & Diasporic Realities!

Afrofilm is a self-organised monthly screening of films telling the lives and experiences of African and Afro-descendant people from various geographical locations.
We will be showing films for us by us, which means that the screening is for a closed audience of African and Afro-descendent people.

There is a lot to know and learn from all of us and we think that films are a relevant and efficient way of making this possible.

Join us for the screening of Denise Ekale Kum seasons short film tetralogy to then end the evening with a discussion round to share and create knowledge on Black realities we weren’t yet familiar with and not least to connect with each other.

WINTER SOLSTICE (2014, 6:43min)
A young man wakes up in the middle of the forest, disoriented, lost. Overwhelmed by fear he finally runs away. But then after a short time steps, loud and heavy, can be heard at his heels… Winter Solstice shows and interprets fear, which is directed against oneself, controlling dreams, behavior and being.

NATSU NO TAKARAMONO (ENG: Treasures of the Summer, 2017, 14:40min)
A little Black girl moves through the uniformed crowds of the megacity Tokyo. She wanders through parks and temples, presses her nose against the window pane of a pet shop, and goes to the sea at dusk. And every now and then she bows down and picks up glittering fragments of the discarded from the floor. For her silent wandering follows one goal – to regain a treasure that was thought lost.

RESPRINGENDO (2019, 25:36 min)
Suza, eighteen, lies between textbooks on jazz music, dirty laundry and French fries and doesn’t want to go outside. Her once beloved guitar, an inheritance from her father, is now a symbol of her inadequacy. But isolation is a challenge, when you are besieged by a hysterical mother, a cunning blackmailer as best friend and a strange old guy screaming insults in front of the window of all places.

Denise Ekale Kum is a self-taught filmmaker from Berlin who has lived in Cameroon, Brazil and Japan. In addition to visually powerful music videos, Denise is currently working on the completion of her seasons short film tetralogy and on her first feature-length film project.

This screening will take place online.
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This event takes place in cooperation with the project #CommunitiesSolidarischDenken.