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Juliana Kolberg (Director)

My main areas of interest are empowerment, queerness, intersectionality as well as the criticism of discrimination in the German language and (concepts of) awareness, from the perspectives of queer Black diasporic movements. Central to my work are post- and decolonial theories, Black Feminist Thought, and colonial continuities & narratives in the connection of theory and practice. I studied Social Sciences (B.A.) with a focus on Gender Studies, Education, and Political Science. Until the end of 2021 I am responsible for the Empowerment section in the project “ComE In – Community, Empowerment, Intersectional” of the Migrationsrat Berlin.

Besides the implementation of the thematic foci in the form of networking and through the joint conceptualisation & implementation of different interdisciplinary (educational) events in the shape of conferences, readings, film screenings, performances, workshops, roundtable discussions, symposia, etc., I am also the general contact and responsible for a coherent overall concept for all projects of xart splitta.


Josephine draußen vor einem Baum, im Portät und lächelt in die Kmera, trägt eine rost-orange Jcke und ein schwarze Oberteil, die Haare umrahmen offen Josephines Gesicht.Josephine Akinyosoye (Coordination)

My main areas of interest are empowerment, anti-racism, Black Studies, Black Queer Studies, Gender and Sexuality, Racial Capitalism, Intersectionality, Postcolonial and Decolonial Theories as well as Critical Border and Migration Studies. In my activist and academic work, I am interested in questions of heterogeneous and intersectional identities within transnational diaspora communities and organisations, the emergence of resistant knowledge, and the different ways in which BIPoC movements fight against social relations of power and domination.

I have a Bachelor’s degree in Sociology, and my Bachelor’s thesis dealt with the gender bias in the DSM-5 diagnostic manual. I obtained my Master’s degree in International Criminology with a thesis on transformative identity and politicisation processes of Black activists.

As project coordinator at xart splitta, I am responsible for the content design and implementation of critical, empowering topics and formats as well as their sustainable documentation. This is realised through the conception and implementation of various interdisciplinary (educational) events, conferences, readings, film screenings, performances, workshops and discussion groups. Cooperation and networking are also a welcome part of my work.


Therese Klapper
(Public Relations and Administration)

I am responsible for overall organisation, coordination and public relations at xart splitta. Feel free to contact me if you want to use our space, have questions about organisational procedures, etc.

I am particularly interested in the topics of racism, sexuality and mental health, their intersections and corresponding empowerment approaches.



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Fallon Tiffany Cabral (Collaboration)

I am political scientist (Diplom Politikwissenschaft, Geographie und Friedens- und Konfliktforschung, Philipps-Universität Marburg/ Universidad de Granada) and am doing my doctorate on the interface of family and racism research (Pädagogische Hochschule Freiburg/Alice Salomon Hochschule Berlin). I work as a lecturer and consultant specialized in racism, empowerment, gender and postcolonial theory. My target groups include students, pupils, social workers, teachers and educators. At xart splitta I work in the program team of the symposium “New Perspectives on…Memory(s)/narratives/future” and I co-organised the event series “Passing it On”.




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