people at xart splitta

iris rajanayagam

one of my major topics is colonial continuities in the german/european asylum- and migration policies as well as in the self-perception of a homogeneous, ‘white, german/european identity’. as a woman of Colour, who at the same time enjoys privileges due to among others status, being not disableised and cis-positioning, an intersectional approach plays a central role in my work.

I shape and create the space xart splitta working on these issues. concretely I do this through networking and through common conceptualisation and implementation of different events in the shape of readings, film screenings, performances, workshops, discussions etc.

apart from my work at xart splitta I carry out research and teach in the module ‘migration and racism’ at the alice solomon university of applied sciences berlin and am a member of the radio show “talking feminisms” at reboot. fm. I was part of the editorial team of the newsletter ‘leben nach migration’ at the migration council berlin-brandenburg till 2016 and have been active in  the caravan for the rights of refugees and migrants since 2005.

I live in berlin with my partner and my children.


foto by jasmina el bouamraoui

zara zandieh

you can contact me for the coordination, organisation, networking and room management.

off working at xartsplitta I am a freelance cinematographer and filmmaker.


foto by zara zandieh

fallon tiffany cabral

I am political scientist (diplom politikwissenschaft, geographie und friedens- und konfliktforschung, philipps-universität marburg/ universidad de granada) and am doing my doctorate on the interface of family and racism research (pädagogische hochschule freiburg/alice salomon hochschule berlin). I work as a lecturer and consultant specialized in racism, empowerment, gender and postcolonial theory. my target groups include students, pupils, social workers, teachers and educators. at xart splitta I work in the program team of the symposium “new perspectives on… memory(s)/narratives/future”.



ja’n sammla

at xart splitta …
… i enjoy working on antidiscriminatory ideas & projects (mine, yours, ours) … i brainstorm and create empowering interventions … and transform them into varying formats together with others … i juggle with to-do lists and accountings … and i am learning in designing antidiscriminatory combinations of texts and images along with other creative actions

you can get in touch with me for coordination issues, organisation, new projects, networkings and for external requests about using our project space.

i define myself as genderqueer outside the binary and as trans-activistic. i try to act responsibly with my white, ableized and educational privileges. at present i do not have to worry about my financial situation. i am happy about new possibilities for constant reflections of my positions inside of power structures.


lannlann hornscheidt

i practise questioning genderings and understand myself as activist trans non-binary genderqueer; i act through and with the privileged possibilities of being white, not disableized and having financial security.

i work at xart splitta with interventions, forms of being present and like to do counselings, seminars and workshops; i live_work with dimensions of acting from and within wording creativity; i like working with others in multidimensionality
designing_trying out_moving, laughing and communicating with each other.