Passing it On – Winter School

November 15th/16th 2019

In cooperation with the Nachbarschaftshaus Urbanstraße

The Winter School marks the end of the training and empowerment project »Passing it On«. The focus of the project is on connecting theory and practice and in particular on the joint development of individual and collective policies of action within marginalised communities in the past and present.

In the two-day Winter School, activists and experts from the fields of politics, art, culture and science will further deepen the historically informed space that was – to a certain extent – created within the framework of »Passing it On«. We will discuss previous core themes with participants in four panels; both interdisciplinary and across generations and communities.

What forms of alliances and solidarity can we draw on? How can gaps and overwriten (his)stories be made visible in both hegemonic and marginalised discourses, narratives and histories of resistance. How can we deal with these? What similarities and contradictions can be found in the context of political movements and collective identification processes ? How can we share and develop strategies of “counter-narratives” and empowerment?

These are some of the points that we will jointly considered in the Winter School. It is an important concern of ours to find critically informed forms of exchange and learning whose impact can continue to have a lasting effect.



FRIDAY, NOVEMBER 15th, 5:00-8:00pm

5:00pm: Introductory words/presentation of the project “Passing it On”:
Nicola Lauré al-Samarai and Iris Rajanayagam (xart splitta).

5:15pm: Histories of Resistance – Documentation, Archiving and Transfer

Keynote discussion with:
Saraya Gomis, Katja Kinder, Nicola Lauré al-Samarai and Iris Rajanayagam.

7:00pm: Room for exchange and networking

SATURDAY, NOVEMBER 16th: 9:00am – 8:30pm

9:00am: Admission/Registration

9:30am: Welcoming Address (Ger.): Nicola Lauré al-Samarai, Iris Rajanayagam

10:00am: Panel I (Ger..): Academisation of knowledge – from theory-to practice and pratice to theory :

Onur Suzan Nobrega, Nicola Lauré al-Samarai, Isidora Randjelović.
Chair: Iris Rajanayagam


11:30am: Coffee break


11:45: Panel II (Ger..): Alliances I – Then and Now – Continuities, Differences, Ruptures:

Jihan Jasmin Dean, Christiane Hutson, Saideh Saadat-Lendle.
Chair: Nicola Lauré al-Samarai


13:30-14:30: Lunch break


14:30: Panel II: Alliances II(Eng.) – The Challenges within Coalition Building:

Edna Bonhomme, Clementine Ewokolo Burnley, Katja Kinder.
Chair: Nicola Lauré al-Samarai


16:00: Coffee break


16:15: Panel IV(Ger.): (New) forms of grassroots political work:

Moshtari Hilal, Zuher Jazmati, Saboura Naqshband, Rena Onat.
Chair: Iris Rajanayagam


18:30: Closing

19:30: Conclusion and get-together with snacks and drinks


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In order to make planning easier for us, please register under the following link: You can however participate without registering!



With the exception of Panel III, the entire Winter School will be held in German. For the English panel there will be simultaneous translation into German. We are sorry that we cannot offer DGS translation.



We can offer child care for Nov. 16th from 12pm onwards. If required, please send us the following information one week before the event to :

– Number of children
– Age of children
– Preferred pronoun of the children
– Possible allergies or food intolerances
– Other information relevant for childcare



We are looking forward to a vegan/vegetarian lunch from Amma Catering.



The event will take place in cooperation with the Nachbarschaftshaus Urbanstraße.
Address: Urbanstraße 21, 10961 Berlin. The Nachbarschaftshaus Urbanstraße is mostly wheelchair accessible. Only wheelchair accessible rooms will be used. A wheelchair accessible toilet is available.

Further information on directions:
Concept and project directors: Iris Rajanayagam & Nicola Lauré al-Samarai

With the particpation of: Fallon Tiffany Cabral and Zara Zandieh and the »Closer Reading« Group

Further information (in German) about the project can be found at:

»Passing it On« is funded by the Federal Agency for Civic Education.


In cooperation with the Nachbarschaftshaus Urbanstraße.