Deconstruction of Gender Binaries

Ent_2genderung/Deconstruction of gender binaries was a project with different formats that was initiated by by xart splitta in 2013. The ideas of Ent_2genderung are still very relevant, so we would like to keep them available for you. Have fun with reading!

Deconstruction of gender binaries posed the questions:

What happens when binary reproductions of gender are split up and abandoned?

What happens if I question/irritate/challenge gender binaries?

When does the deconstruction of gender reflect  racism_ableism_classism and

when is the criticism of racism_ableism_classism a deconstruction of gender?


Rethinking and Renaming Relationships

Do you know this scene? You tell friends about your last visit to your sister and her children: It wasn’t good, your sister spoke to others about her ‘brother’ (you) and the children always called you ‘aunt’. But you are neither sister nor brother or aunt or uncle. You don’t want to become a mother or a father, but ____________ and then there is a kind of wordlessness.


We want to change that! We want to re-/discover, discuss and share new or already found possibilities with you! We want simple languages; words and names that feel good and create visibility!


For a start, here are a few sentences to fill in and try out:


I am not a sister or brother, I am ________________


I am not a daughter or a son, I am _______________________________


I am not Dad or Mom, Mommy or Daddy, I am _________________________________


I am not an aunt or uncle, I am _______________________________


I am not a niece, nephew, cousin, cousin, but _______________________


We would like to encourage you all to question, criticise, rethink, try out and recreate language!