Turning Pages

Turning Pages is a collection of 14 works of art: Painted, drawn, designed, photographed, texted, staged.
These were published by xart splitta in 2014, to:

  • Challenge notion(s) of gender binaries
  • Break with racist and discriminatory norms
  • Be empowering for trans* persons

The artists are:

Zanko, TROUBLE X, Tomka Weiß, She-Trigger (Finn K. Buchwald), Sam Marshall, Raoul Berlin, Nino Pampino, Nancy Rohde, Mik van Essen, Mathi Matthias, Lisa Oppenländer, LaYla Zami, Josch Hoenes, Finn Jackson Ballard, Elisha Lim, Coco Riot, Alex Giegold

The Turning Pages consist of 14 different artistic prints, which are packed in the form of an LP and also have a front page with all relevant information.
They are available at xart splitta,  a donation would be appreciated.