What is xart splitta?

xart splitta was founded in 2012 and is a non-profit association working in the field of intersectionality, antidiscrimination and (historical) political education. Our formats and offers range from workshops and consultations, art & cultural productions to public discussions, conferences and symposia.

The focus of xart splitta is on dealing with discriminatory structures of various kinds within society and on the elaboration and development of possible  strategies and interventions against these structures. We follow an intersectional approach and rely in particular on Black Feminist Thought as well as post- and decolonial theory. We draw our inspiration from the relentless efforts of various basic political movements and organizations that – in Germany and beyond – past and present – are and have been active against interwoven violent structures and oppressive mechanisms. As part of our work, we organise events in various formats. We try to address different target groups and focus on the promotion and support of empowerment processes of both individuals and groups.

If you would like to know what exactly xart splitta does, have a look at our events and past events in the menu.

We also conduct workshops and trainings on the above mentioned topics. If you are interested, do get in touch!

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If you have comments, inquiries or feedback contact us: contact@xartsplitta.net

xart splitta is:

A space for empowerment

for networking, considering, trying out, learning, perceiving, self_empowering,
re-appropriating possibilities of acting within violent structures, situations and/or constructions of normalities

Empowerment: everything that persons discriminated against want for themselves:

strengthening oneself and each other
being present
accepting, caring for and appreciating oneself
being empowered to act beyond and despite discrimination


persons who are being discriminated and act against that – politically critical and reflexive of power and society
persons who speak for themselves and find their own forms of activism – with respect and appreciative in movement

Active against multiple, interwoven conditions of oppression:

against racisms: from anti-Black racism, colonial racism, antimuslim racism, racism againts romnja* and sint*ezze … to antisemitism
against genderism: from masculinity as general humanity … to ‘there are only women and men’ and heteronormativity
against different forms of discrimination of handicapped people: from being physically impeded, being intellectually impeded … to being discriminated through psychiatric designations
against classism: from exclusion from education, economic privileges … to discrimination regarding values, dress, norms of behaviour

By means of a diverse event and empowerment programme through:

  • event series’
  • conferences/symposia
  • workshops
  • art projects
  • networking meetings
  • film screenings
  • counseling
  • open offer of space for affiliated projects, initatives, groups and organisations