xart splitta…

is a space for positioned empowerment

for acting_networking_considering_trying out_learning_perceiving_self-empowering_shaping
re-appropriating possibilities of acting within violent structures, situations, normalities

empowerment: everything that persons discriminated against want for themselves:

strengthening oneself and each other
being present
accepting, caring for and appreciating oneself
being empowered to act beyond and despite discrimination


persons who are being discriminated and act against that – politically critical and reflexive of power and society
persons who speak for themselves and find their own forms of activism – with respect and appreciative in movement

active against multiple, interwoven conditions of oppression:

against racisms: from anti-Black racism, colonial racism, antimuslim racism, racism againts romnja* and sintezza* … to antisemitism
against genderism: from masculinity as general humanity … to ‘there are only women and men’ and heteronormativity
against different forms of discrimination of handicapped people: from being physically impeded, being intellectually impeded … to being discriminated through psychiatric designations
against classism: from exclusion from education, economic privileges … to discrimination regarding values, dress, norms of behaviour

through projects of intervention and empowerment:

productions of word and image
art projects
networking meetings
film screenings
event series
exchange in a virtual and ‘real’ space
open offer of space for great projects and networking

if you would like to know what exactly xart splitta does, have a look at our events and past events in the menu.

if you have comments, questions, requests or feedback – share your ideas and inspirations, network yourself and us! we are looking forward to it!