Self-Regulations Toolkit Workshop

Wednesday, October 19th, 10am

This workshop will take place in presence and in English spoken language.

This workshop is an invitation to create your own self-care toolbox for challenging times. 

All of us have life experience, self-knowledge and resources available to us – usually more than we think! How can we harness these resources to soothe, regulate and empower? To carry us through hard times? And how do we care for ourselves in situations that we can’t change or solve at this moment?

In this workshop we will identify situations that trigger us, learn to recognize when we are in survival mode, explore the individual and shared resources we have, and compile this knowledge into a tool to use when things are tough.

You will leave the workshop with a physical toolbox full of ideas and resources to care for yourself. It’s gonna be fun and we’re going to get creative!

This workshop is a safer space for BIPoC.

Pls. register on till October 12th.

Bild von Dee, in einem gelben Kleid, lächelnd im Park auf einer grün-gelb gestreiften Decke mit Schild "IG-Handle: pop.up.friend. Having a hard time? Come talk to me *smile*. Donations appreciated for helpful answers *heart*"

Dee (she/her) is a certified life coach, kink coach and death doula with a range of classic, creative and unconventional tools under her belt to support you on your path.

Her approach is one of balance, of finding ways to navigate this material world in a way that meets your needs while remaining true to yourself – of being human in a world in flux.

Her experience is informed not only by her formal qualifications, but most importantly by her upbringing in the tropics, her eagerness to try anything once and her own ongoing process of growth and change, the lessons of which she is here to share.

Contact her at or @pop.up.friend on Instagram

This event takes place within the LADS funded project #CommunitiesSolidarischDenken.