Kitchen Tables: work, work… work?

Saturday, September 30th 2023, 1:30 – 6:30 pm

DIE MANEGE at Campus Rütli, Rütlistraße 1-3, 12045 Berlin

This event will be held in German and English spoken language.

Photo of kitchen tables with drawn signing hands and two coffee cups. The photo reads on the right upper corner 'Kitchen Table conversations: work, work... work?'

Kitchen Tables were self-set tables by BIPoCs creating their own spaces of resistance in a world in which, due to patriarchal dominance, they were less acknowledged and/or recognised in discourses. In remembering and celebrating these empowering acts, we want to invite and create space to reflect upon, create and discard theories as well as pass on and learn from each other.

Not only do we take the time to exchange, but we also want to consciously create a space where across communities and generations often invisible topics can be worked on. Therefore, we invite you to join us on Saturday, 30 September 2023 from 1:30 p.m. to create spaces through kitchen table conversations within the framework of this year’s #CommunitiesSolidarischDenken theme “labour”.

For what would work be if we did not make an effort to re_center work that has been denied, erased or forgotten?

Four kitchen tables are set up to discuss with our conversation partners different topics related to work within our BIPoC communities. There will be one rotation so that each participant can take part in two kitchen table conversations in total. At the end we will gather for a common reflection round to conclude together.
As participants, we encourage you to discuss the topics at the respective kitchen table, to accentuate work that is made invisible and to capture struggles, strategies as well as demands and bring them into the room.

Kitchen Table 1 (DLS): Labour Unions, Klassenkampf und Streik – mit Ceren Türkmen und Inés Heider

Kitchen Table 2 (DLS): Arbeit, Behinderung(en) und Staat – mit Geza Gothe und tba

Kitchen Table 3 (ELS): Community support, Emotional Labour and Care (work) – with Armeghan Taheri and GodXXX Noirphiles

Kitchen Table 4 (ELS): Labour, identity and existence – with Farah Abdi and Anguezomo Mba Bikoro

The conversation partners

Anguezomo Mba Bikoro
Anguezomo Mba Bikoro is a visual artist and artistic director of Nyabinghi Lab, independent curator and writer since 2005. Their textual works analyze power processes and fictions of science in historical archives that critically engage with migration and colonial memory. Their focus is on queer indigenous and radical Black feminist biopolitics. In and through performance, Anguezomo has developed formats for ritual through ancestral healing that often expose the interwoven colonial histories of migration in site-specific spaces to dismantle prejudice and create independent emancipatory tools for liberation, education, and reparation. Their works were shown in numerous world Biennales and exhibitions including the Dak’Art Biennale and is author of the upcoming book “Obeah: Ancestries & Queer Grief”.

Foto von Farah Abdi

Farah Abdi
Farah Abdi is a feminist, journalist, blogger, author, researcher, human rights activist, motivational speaker, and youth education advocate. She came to Europe in the end of 2012, fleeing fear of persecution because of her gender identity. Her work as an activist began as a way to combat the rise in xenophobia, racism, islamophobia, and other forms of discrimination.
Farah has worked relentlessly over the last 8 years to tell the unheard stories of refugees. In 2015, she published her first autobiography, Never Arrive. She has also written columns on immigration for publications like Malta Today and the New Internationalist. In 2017, She was on the Forbes 30 most influential people under the age of 30, in Europe. She continues to work with lawmakers across the continent to advocate for fairer immigration laws.

Armeghan Taheri
Armeghan Taheri (aka Robin Hoe) is a writer, artist and editor. She is the founder of “Afghan Punk” – a multilingual community magazine in Berlin that creatively connects international liberation struggles through storytelling. In her artistic practice, she works to break down structurally imposed boundaries of language, art and politics. 

GodXXX Noirphiles (Adrian Marie Blount)
GodXXX Noirphiles (Adrian Marie Blount)- Parent to Chance Aijuka/ Non Binary Femme Boi/Founder/Organizer/ Curator/DJ- Is based in Berlin by way of San Diego, CA. After attending San Francisco State to obtain their BA in theatre, they performed in New York, traveled across the country with a touring theatre troupe, then moved to Rhode Island to perform with various Brown University programs including the Center for Slavery and Justice, Brown/ Trinity and Trinity Repertory theatre. Since being in Berlin, Adrian has taught anti-racist and collective healing workshops with various organizations such as Dice Festival and Conference and AfriVenir, dj’d internationally,  performed at Münchener Kammerspiele, Volksbühne, Gorki, Sophiensaele, Ballhaus Naunynstrasse and English Theatre Berlin (and others) and is the founder and lead organizer of the drag collective House of Living Colors for exclusively queer and trans BIPOC.

Foto auf dem Inés Heider ein Megafon in der Hand hält

Inés Heider
Inés Heider ist Sozialarbeiterin und arbeitete bis Juli 2023 an einer Oberschule in Neukölln. Wegen einer internen Mail, in der sie die angekündigten Kürzungen im Sozialetat des Bezirks kritisierte, wurde sie fristlos gekündigt. Nun wehrt sie sich dagegen – juristisch und politisch. Seit 2018 schreibt und fotografiert sie für Klasse Gegen Klasse, vor allem über Bildungskrisen, Streiks und Internationalismus.

Ceren Türkmen, arbeitet im Bundesverband der Beratungsstellen für Betroffene rechter, rassistischer und antisemitischer Gewalt. Als Soziologin forscht und promoviert sie zur Geschichte der migrantischen Selbstorganisation, dem Zusammenhang von Race&Class, zu rassistischer Gewalt und Hegemonietheorie und arbeitet als wissenschaftliche Mitarbeiterin am Zentrum für Erinnerungskultur, Demokratie und Menschenrechte in Duisburg und als Lehrbeauftragte an der Alice-Salomon Hochschule in Berlin. Als antirassistische Menschenrechtsaktivistin ist sie seit Mitte der 1990er Jahre in Initiativen engagiert und Mitglied im Vorstand des Instituts für Solidarische Moderne.

Anjay Gothe arbeitet als Workshop Facilitator bei Other Nature und gibt seit 2016 Workshops zu Sexualität, Kunst und Trauma. Them hat einen deutsch-tamilischen Vordergrund, ist proudly MÄD (neurodivers), und Genderfluid. Them ist nicht-akademisiert und working class. Anjay hat schon als Putzkraft und Kabelverleger gearbeitet und viel zu viele Jahre Kaffee und Kuchen serviert.

Information about registration:

This event is a BIPoC Safer Space and is therefore explicitly inviting people who identify as Black, Indigenous or People of Color.
Register at by 28 September 2023 via written, video or audio, or on site on the day of the event.

Please answer the following questions when you register:

  • How have you dealt with the topic so far?
  • Which Kitchen Tables (you can choose two!) do you want to participate in?
  • How do you position yourself in this discussion?
  • Do you have any further needs or do you need support to participate (e.g. childcare or language assistance etc.)?

Please come to the event tested and stay home if you are showing symptoms.

The event takes place within the framework of the LADS-funded project #CommunitiesSolidarischDenken.