call for participation: photographs, paintings, collages, drawings, words … for a print project

(please forward to your friends if you like!)

trans_x_ing spaces | turning pages

on the topic: deconstructing binary_genderings

what do you as a trans_x_ing person find empowering in images? what would you like to share, what do you want to pin up on your walls or those of other trans_x_ed people?

where and how do you position yourself? and what shows you that it is possible to live, understand, en_act and envision more than just femininity and masculinity?

what are your images and visions about trans_x_ing space: deconstructing racism_classism_migratism_ableism in critically reflecting binary genderings? and_or: deconstructing binary genderings in reflecting ableism_classism_racism_migratism?

what is your conception of trans_x_ing – in the world and in your communities? how do you create transfeminism?

what intersects_crosses binary norms_normalities for you, what is normal to you and what are your critical positionings and what are your privileges? what, where and how are you present outside_despite_inside binary genderisms? how are you challenging genderist concepts and your own interdependent thinking_acting out of_with racism_ableism_classism_migratism?


| turning pages

we – as members of xart splitta – are inviting you to participate in the turning pages project. we want to bring together interdependent trans_x_ing visions on the questioning of binary genderings. we would like to make these visions accessible for as many trans_x_ed people as possible.

do you have images_pictures_words_ideas? send us your proposals and a short self-presentation in the language and style of your choice (and a way to get in touch with you and/or your website if you’d like). please send everything by the 15th of june to: and/or: get in touch with us, if you have ideas and need support to work on them, if you are unsure or have questions: contact us, we’ll be happy to talk to you!

we will collect, assemble, print and arrange a selection of your pictures_texts_ collaborations. we think of it as “turning pages”, a collection of pictures_texts to pin up on your walls, to hide in your drawer, to take it out again, to position yourself, to show to others, to just look at and turn over, to hang next to each other, to distribute to different locations whenever you like_depending on your mood_weather_visits.

the format is two-dimensional (but you could inspire us with your ideas!) and square-cut (30cm x 30cm), the entire paper is printable (no margins, but cropped 3mm). smaller pictures (i.e. postcard size) will be printed onto a white square. the pages will be held together by two metal clips. we will print on 250g paper and use a four-color process. depending on the formats you send to us, we could also print plain-colored (e.g. black) or add one spot color. for one page or another, it would also be possible to use other materials, such as textile, interlayers, translucent paper. talk to us if you’re thinking about doing something like that.

we can’t guarantee any compensation for your participation right now. however, we’re planning on selling the turning pages for a fair price (less than 20€) so that ‘trans_x_ing spaces | turning pages’ is accessible to as many people as possible, and to finance the work of the participating artistxs to some degree at least.


turning pages will be published by the group xart splitta, which is creating a framing_space for transx_empowering artistic_activist interdependent transfeminist actings. xart splitta is planning on accomplishing that through workshops, exhibitions, networkings, photography_art_film_projects, parties and performances.

we as members of xart splitta are politically positioned as trans_x_ed. this call-out is written from a privileged localization regarding racism, migratism, ableism. we are critically reflecting upon this positioning and trying to transform our privileges into responsible actions. the turning pages’ selection process will be conducted by a group of people with transxed positionings and partly discriminated localizations regarding racism, migratism, ableism, classism.

we are very much looking forward to your ideas and contributions and will get back to you by july 15th.

we are also planning a party to celebrate the publishing of the issue (presumably in november 2013).

before the party (early evening or afternoon) there will be performances – it would be supernice if you would like to think about some possible participations for that as well (check out the trans_x_ing spaces call for participation here).