the more we are thinking about it, the more insecure we feel about what art means to us.

there are so many kinds of art which we do not identify with when understanding xart splitta as artistically active.

what we are thinking about when talking about art:

  • modes of empowering interventions
  • creating actions and expressions against interdependent discriminations
  • crossing conventions of genre
  • trying new forms of communication
  • irritating expectations
  • choosing new spaces, new words, new gazes, impressions and expression – always also localized against interdependent discriminations
  • reflecting and transfering interdependent structural discriminations into wordings
  • disidentifying with capitalist logics
  • challenging logics of functionality
  • inviting to pause, remain, or change your point of view
  • moving, challenging, making fun, connecting and giving space …


for further reading:
talking visions. multicultural feminism in a transnational age. ella shohat (ed.) 1998, mit press.