Workshop: Service (Labour) at the margins

Friday, December 15th, from 1pm

at xart splitta, Hasenheide 73, 10967 Berlin

With Troy and Sielo

This event will take place in English spoken language.

Labour is often connected to wage labour. However, especially in the city of Berlin and across varies communities, freelancing is often how people sustain their livelihoods. As inaccessibility to the labour market increase the more marginalised people are, many (at least temporarily) have worked in the service industry or as freelancers. Moreover, as many freelancers also engage in the service industry, both fields share similarities on various levels.

However, many forms of instability are created by the mere nature these fields, such as unsteady income sources as well as the great importance of ‘soft skills’ and interpersonal skills such as networking. Thus many address the challenges faced by freelancers and service industry professionals who often find themselves on the margins of opportunities and recognition. While being often seen as highly dispensable work forces, issues such as short-term changes, unreliable communications and managing others’ expectations can be hard to navigate. Therefore this workshop opens up the possibility to discuss initial practical strategies and tools to empower freelancers and service industry professionals.

After a brief introduction to the topic of freelancing, we will engage into the overlapping issues of freelancing work and service industries. In the joint discussions we will share experiences, explore practical strategies and tools to empower freelancers and service industry professionals. The discussion room holds space for experiences but also questions and fears associated with the topic. Finally, there will be reflection questions and a small starter pack guide for navigating service labour.

Registration information:

Register via written, video or audio at by December 13th, 2023.

The space is an invitation for queer, trans and/or BIPOC. 
Thus we kindly ask you to position/write a little about yourself at registration.

  • How do you position yourself?
  • How have you dealt with the topic so far?
  • Do you have needs or do you need support to participate?
  • Please come to the workshop tested and stay at home if you show symptoms.

    The event takes place within the framework of the LADS funded project #CommunitiesSolidarischDenken.