Community Relax- & Empowerment Session

Guided Meditation for Women* & Nonbinary who are Black / Asian / Rrom_nja / IndígenX*.

A private (closed) session with Noah Sow

Sunday, 30th of September 2018, 8am (1,5 hours)

  • Costs: Give what you can/like/want. Apart from that we welcome fruit / nuts / sunshine / giftcards / dancing / singing / smiling – as you wish and feel like.
  • Language: The workshop will take place in English spoken language.
  • Registration: Please inform us if you are coming. If you do so it will be easier for us to organize the right amount of yoga mats. If you did not make it to register you can join anyway… But please on time! Joining in late is not possible.
  • For whom: This closed session is for Black / Asian / Rrom_nja / IndígenX* Women* & Nonbinary.

We need to compensate a lot in daily life. This class presents relaxing rituals which can be helpful to overcome day-to-day life challenges, hardships and struggles.

Conventional Yoga classes unfortunately often don’t contribute to our well-being. Unlike it is understood in the west through a colonised approach, Yoga is a highly effective system that primarily uses meditation and breathing techniques to bring the body mind and soul in alignment when practiced regularly. Through that it can be a useful tool for our mental and physical balance (and -optionally- also spirituality).

During these two hours we will learn and practice ancient Indian techniques that balance the nervous system, which can then be integrated in our daily life and provide relief and prevention of activist burnout.

‘Sportiness’ / ‘Fitness’ is not necessary for this class!

The exercises will be performed while sitting or laying down.

What you need is: loose, wide and comfortable clothing, a mat or thick blanket to sit on, and if possible a pillow to put under your buttocks.

Noah Sow

is an author, lecturer, artist and activist. She has been at the forefront of Germany’s anti-racism and empowerment movements for 25 years. Noah is also an India-trained meditation and yoga teacher and therapist. She  constantly continues her own training in Vedantic teachings, Yog and Hatha Yog.


  1. Do I need to know or like Yoga if I want to join this session?


  1. Will I have to twist myself? Will I be out of breath? Is this exhausting?

No, all exercises will be performed while sitting down and are doable for people who experience pain or have impairments. It is also possible to do the exercises while sitting on a chair.

  1. Do I need a yoga mat?

We are trying to organise as many yoga mats/blankets as possible but if you have your own -or something similar- please bring it with you.

  1. I already know that I won’t be arriving on time…?

We are sorry but maybe you can join the next time. Please be on time and participate only if you can stay for the whole session. Tranquility is important for the vibe and we’ll lock the doors on time. Thanks!

  1. Is this religious? / Is this compatible with my belief or religion?

Yoga is not a religion per se. It is a spiritual tradition that embraces all religions and can be practiced with or without (specific or unspecific) belief. Yogi_nis come in all sorts of religious backgrounds: Christian, Hindu, Muslim, Sufi, Agnostic, Taoist, and more. As a matter of fact, Abrahamic religions (Islam, Judaism,  Christianity) contain some elements of Yoga, as Yoga is much older than them.