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wednesday, october 11th, 20h
film: hilar una frase – stringing words together 

(esp., eng. subtitles) a critical analyses of instructional material used in so-called german “integration” courses and part of the exhibition project “man schenkt keinen hund,”, which interrogates the identitarian discourses around the concept of “integration”. followed by a discussion with the filmmaker karen michelsen castañón and the protagonist mauricio pereyra.

man schenkt keinen hund : 1 july–24 september 2017

using various artistic approaches, the research project “man schenkt keinen hund” interrogates the identitarian discourses around the concept of “integration,” it looks at the pedagogic formulation and iconographic design of german textbooks for integration courses. 
for example, how the characters and individuals that appear in the photographs, illustrations, and texts are distinguished as either “immigrants” or “natives”? which definitions of the “familiar” and the “other” are inscribed in the teaching materials? how are (national) identity and language positioned in relation to each other, and what concept of culture is deployed to produce cultural difference?)

*the event will be held in english*

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Wednesday, 6th of December, 19h
Short Film Programm: Transgressors

Quest curation by Queer Rebels.

Queer Rebels show “Transgressors”, a raised fist of QTPoC experimentations with a mission to transgress, to cross, to border, to aggress and to deviate.

Founded in 2008, Queer Rebel Productions showcases Queer Artists of Color, connects generations, honors their histories with art for the future and asserts the presence and critical contributions of Queer People of Color.


A mother and daughter find strength in global protests against injustice (FU377, Neelu Bhuman). Whitewashing, both historical and present, changes Puerto Rico’s culture (CLAVADO, Cristobal Guerra). A 2 Spirit infomercial provides tongue-in-cheek survival strategies (2 Spirit Introductory Special $19.99, Thirza Cuthand). A dead starlet reveals her memorial reel (Reveal, Nao Bustamante); these Queens will rise again (Queen Down, West Vargina (Heather María Ács) & Sequinette Jaynesfield). There is only one witness to death (Warning Shot: The Killing of James Wakasa, Tina Takemoto). An artist meditates on blackness, diasporic longing, and the natural world (Hearing in the Dark, Naima Lowe). Post-Orlando, we rise in the spirit of Sylvia Rivera with rage, love, and GAY POWER (Queer Historical Mixtape, Celeste Chan and Irina Contreras).

– Curated by Queer Rebels

FU377, Neelu Bhuman

FU377, Neelu Bhuman


Neelu Bhuman
2014, UK, video, color, sound, 5 min.

This stop-motion animation juxtaposes a young lesbian’s heartbreak over the recent revival of Indian Penal Code section 377, which is often cited in official condemnation and violation of queer Indians’ rights. The romantically spurned daughter wants to close herself off to the world, renouncing her queerness and hiding in fear. Her mother, through a collage of news coverage and interviews, helps her daughter find strength in the world’s anger; together at last they join the protests and take up the daughter’s dignity in their own hands, with the support of a global community.

Queer Historical Mixtape, - Part 1, Irina Contreras

Queer Historical Mixtape – Part 1

Irina Contreras
2016, USA, video, color, sound, 18 min. Berlin Premiere


CLAVADO, Cristobal Guerra


Cristobal Guerra
2015, USA, video, color, sound, 3 min. Berlin Premiere

A piece featuring some poetry I wrote last year and visuals from my island Puerto Rico. “Clave” is an african beat that gave birth to most caribbean rhythms and it’s at the background of the whole piece, giving it some pace and reference. The piece was based on a conversation I was having with my young niece about our african heritage and they way it’s erased in our culture. – Cristobal Guerra


2 Spirit Introductory Special $19.99, Thirza Cuthand

2 Spirit Introductory Special $19.99

Thirza Cuthand
2015, Canada, video, color, sound, 5 min. Berlin Premiere

Don’t worry if you are just coming out as a 2 Spirited person, we have just the introductory special for you!

Reveal, Nao Bustamante


Nao Bustamante 
2014, USA, video, color, sound, 11 min.

This is a close to completed version of Reveal. It’s for the filmformance Silver & Gold. It plays after Maria drinks poison and has a prolonged and ridiculous death scene. It functions as a sort of dead actress memorial reel. This film is also meant to be performed with live sound. Although it is a work-in-progress, it has already been performed at USC Visions and Voices series, Los Angeles and the Whitney in NYC.

Warning Shot: The Killing of James Wakasa, Tina Takemoto

Warning Shot: The Killing of James Wakasa

Tina Takemoto
2015, USA, video, color, sound, 12 min. Berlin Premiere

One death. Three versions of the crime. James Wakasa, a 63-year-old Japanese American bachelor, was shot to death by military police at Topaz concentration camp during World War II. Was it justifiable homicide, an accidental fatality, or second-degree murder? The press said he was trying to escape, the shooter claimed it was a warning shot, the case file suggests he was killed while walking a dog. This experimental film essay uses the “Rashomon effect” to juxtapose the conflicting accounts detailing the circumstances and cause of Wakasa’s untimely death.

Queer Historical Mixtape, Celeste Chan

Queer Historical Mixtape – Part 2

Celeste Chan
2016, USA, video, color, sound, 19 min. Berlin Premiere

Post-Orlando, we rise in rage, love, and GAY POWER in the spirit of Sylvia Rivera


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