traces and fractures through and with the concept: to dyke_trans | dis_visualizing re_locating de_silencing |

to dyke_trans

to act | acting | to interact | interacting | acting critically politically reflectively | shaping locations | shaping critical positionings | creating_visualizing_ constructing critical positionings | to act_inter_act to | inter_acting_inter | in_between_beyond_with_through_by different presumptions conceptions ideas imaginations | re-enacting empowering feelings conceptualizations |

to dyke_trans

is an open position | a fluid process | a momentary breathing | is dynamic | continuously under construction_reconstruction_rebuilding_refurnishing_relo­cating | is being in a moment | being in continuous changing processes movements | is shaping dyke_stories trans_stories community-stories personal stories reconstructing times and places | adapting time and places resignifying notions of time and place| is daring to be to be present to be there to be here to be being

is dynamically processual opening breathing empowering unfinishing re_starting again and again | is searching going moving touching motioning feeling opening laughing connecting | shaping presences being present

is now

is here

is living


to dyke_trans

is fluid | dynamic | empowering | powerful | loud | silent | collectively perceived | individually enacted | is interaction | fractures | short breaks | breathing | continuously arriving | arriving in motion | motion | emotion | feeling | relaxing | being in the world | being world | being is

to dyke_trans

is dis_arriving | feeling being open being space feeling space | open space | opening space | is questioning hesitating rapturing | re_locating perceptions speaking listening seeing writing | is living visions | visionalizing life and living | is wording struggling for words visions perceptions | searching for new visualizations | visualizing social actions | visualizing visions is

to dyke_trans

is being aware of voids fractures hesitations questions dissolutions | struggling for visions | fighting for words | yearning_fighting for presence | being | being here and now


to dyke_trans life

to dyke_trans living

living with paradoxes in moments | ambivalences | beyond dichotomies | living on the line on the limit on the border on the edge in the space openly | living community | living_feeling at home for moments in words in images in meeting others | finding dyke_trans-affirming_constituting actions_feelings_atmos­pheres_locations_positionings for moments | moments of now | living moments | letting go of securities definitions exclusions categorizations | letting go of exclusions and hierarchies | insecuring closing-ups of definitions and norms | re_organizing reflecting challenging categorizations social localizations | re_organizing one’s positioning in reflecting and working with interdependent power relations | being in acting being in moments

to dyke_trans social contexts reflecting interdependent power relations working for mutual engagements against sexism against racism against ableism | feeling_seeing_realizing differences shaped and re_constructed by inter­dependent power relations | locating selves in moments in situations in contexts with others | anew every time | shaping feelings of community in connecting dyke_transselves in inter_actions_inter feelings presences emotions actions | de_limiting dyke_transings in acknowledging interdependent power relations and fights and choices people take_make

to dyke_trans moving to put into movement putting into action irritating challenging finding dyke_trans-feeling-selves in challenges irritations move­ments paradoxes ambivalences

to dyke_trans in questioning | in searching for questions in answering with and in questions

to dyke_trans ways | words | images | locations | positionings


[embodied bodily unlimited presence breathing visions unfinished processual]


to dyke_trans  |  dis_visualizing  |

the gaps in between | the gaps as places_locations | moving gaps moving perceptions | widening gaps to new spaces | dis: unclear visualizations_ looks_gazes_sights_perceptions | disharmonic disobedient dis­placed distant |

reading dyke_transself into images | visualizing dyke_trans | becoming aware of dis_visualizations | see what is in_visible | reflect upon what seeing is, who ‘can’ see and who cannot – and who can realize who can see and who cannot | perceiving the dis_perceived | inventing visions by visualizing anew | shaping visions shaping visualizations in seeing_looking_gazing breaking gazes disrupting gaze-conventions | seeing as action for dyke_transing | dyke_ transing visions | visualizing utopias in dis_visualizing re_locations | questioning visions as ableistic


to dyke_trans |  re_locating  |

locating dyke_transself-feelings in visualizing locations | to dyke_trans locations | locating dyke_transed visions | locating in utopian acting | visualizing dyke_transed re_locating perceptions_actions_feelings | locating within gaps and fractures of dis_intelligibility | visualizing locations shaping locations | is dyke_transing perceptions_words_views_images_visions_listenings | making positionings fluid processual dynamic | dyke_transing positionings in making persons_communities moved | moving concepts of locations in making moving locations | making utopian actions_movements moving heres and nows shaping_wanting_wishing here and now-actions_moments_presence | shaping _re_constructing_building_daring utopias fluidly_processual_ever­changing_ dynamically utopian movements | dynamic_processual_fragile_momen­tary re_locating moments_actions_beings


to dyke_trans |  de_silencing  |

voids of silences | moments of here and now | awareness of being | being aware | continuously searching for wordings_listenings | reflecting and wording and visualizing against the unintelligibility of interdependent power relations | listenings_wordings which will never be fitting never be finished never arriving | arriving as never ending process never ending | de-finishing wordings_ locations | dynamizing wordings | questioning answers| searching de_ silencings and giving room for silences where no words_sounds can reach | shaping space by listening| accepting silences in de_silencing noises which try to outsound perceptions | listening to silences | silencing de_listenings


to raise the voice | listening | shouting out silences | speaking up


| volume |

high and low

regulating listening_speaking

cracking_breaking_trembling voices | being loud crying shouting out | flying_ swimming_running voices | silences hearing silence listening to silences | flying listening | being aware of silencings_cryings speaking up listening to dropping_leaking_blocked_excluded_ignored tears_voices


listening loudly

listening slowly_precisely_specific

speaking up | shouting out