entzaubert filmfestival

[from the entzaubert homepage]

ent­zau­bert is a queer d.i.y. film fes­ti­val since 2007 in ber­lin.

the fes­ti­val team aims to bring queer ar­tists and filmma­kers to­ge­ther, fo­cu­sing on do-​it-​yours­elf-​vi­deo, on the work of filmma­kers with litt­le or no bud­get, who do not find pla­ces to show their work in the main­stream film in­dus­try,
to give peop­le the op­por­tu­ni­ty to watch films who normal­ly don‘t go to film fes­ti­vals,
to share ex­pe­ri­en­ces and learn from each other,
to pass on in­for­ma­ti­on,
to edu­ca­te, to chal­len­ge and to be chal­len­ged,
to net­work, to par­ti­ci­pa­te, make your first movie,
or sim­ply to enjoy watching films for hours and days!

in our pro­gramming, we focus on films that chal­len­ge gen­der and power struc­tu­res
there is no focus on spe­ci­fic gen­res or li­mi­ta­ti­ons on the length of films

the lo­ca­ti­on is Schwar­zer Kanal, which is a queer li­ving and com­mu­ni­ty pro­ject in ber­lin.
find out more: schwarzerkanal.​squat.​net

ent­zau­bert is in­de­pen­dent from any in­sti­tu­tio­nal or­ga­niza­t­i­ons, we dont re­cei­ve any fun­dings.
ent­zau­bert lives from many peop­le’s cont­ri­bu­ti­on, equip­ment and re­sour­ces are most­ly bor­ro­wed or do­na­ted.
entry to all scree­nings is by do­na­ti­on.

the fes­ti­val is part­ly open air and part­ly in­si­de, all hap­pe­ning on the com­mu­ni­ty grounds of the schwar­zer-​ka­nal-​pro­ject.

on the an­nual fes­ti­val you can find a „d.i.y.-​ci­ne­ma“:
in that space, you can lend out films that have been scree­ned al­re­a­dy du­ring the fes­ti­val, and watch them on a tv in the wagon.

ent­zau­bert is a ra­di­cal queer fes­ti­val
we think that queer is about li­ving life in a po­li­ti­cal way which chal­len­ges gen­der and power struc­tu­res;
also that fuck­ing with gen­der nor­ma­ti­vi­ty, ab­olis­hing bor­ders and figh­ting for mi­grants’ and wor­kers’ rights are all part of one strugg­le.

For us, op­po­sing ca­pi­ta­lism with its in­herent so­ci­al in­e­qua­li­ties is clo­se­ly con­nec­ted to the fight against trans­pho­bia, ho­mo­pho­bia and se­xism, as well as ra­cism, fa­cism and mi­li­ta­rism.

with ent­zau­bert we want to en­cou­ra­ge all the rad queers and fe­mi­nists out there to get their ima­ges and word out to ce­le­bra­te our com­mu­ni­ty and di­ver­si­ty!

come and be part of it!

[erreichbarkeit/ accessibility: the space is open air, a waggonplace, accessible, but the floor can be very rough. there is a large toilet]