Together as People of Color?!

Friday, December 2nd, 11 am

Refugio Berlin, Lenaustraße 3, 12047 Berlin

This event will take place in-presence. In German and English spoken language, as well as German sign language with interpretation.

We would like to warmly invite our BIPoC Communities to our years final event of #CommunitiesSolidarischDenken!

On Friday, December 2nd, we would like to create a space together in which we share solidarities. This year those will be related to self-identifications or more specifically the term “People of Color.”

“People of Color” was coined in the 1960s Black Power movement in the U.S. and was meant to bring people negatively affected by racism together, united against these experiences of discrimination and to position themselves in opposition to whiteness.

On Monday, October 31st we were able to realise the event “People of Color: A conversation about the history of solidarities”. At this event we talked about the history of BIPoC in the 90s and 2000s as well as the political developments and questions that arised with its arrival in Germany.

In the course of our final event on December 2nd, we would like to bring together the conversations from our focus groups, community processes and events. In the form of keynotes, panels, as well as our Kitchen Tables, we will together share our current debates on the People of Color term.
We are also looking forward to publishing our freshly printed brochure with contributions from our communities on their meaning and use of the term People of Color.

Let’s come together, sum up and discuss, share and learn from each other and build new solidarities as well as strengthen old ones.

11.00 am Registration
11.30 am Welcome
12.00 pm Keynote “Intersectionality in sign language communities” with Asha Rajashekhar
1.45 pm Kitchen Tables a.o. with Sun-Ju Choi, Saboura Naqshband, Abilaschan Balamuraley und Asha Rajashekhar
3.30pm Kitchen Table Panel a.o. with Maisha Auma
5.30pm Performance
6.30h Fade out

The program point “Kitchen Tables” is supposed to come close to a conversation space that many know from our BIPoC communities – conversations at the kitchen table. At three kitchen tables, discussion partners will discuss different topics that our BIPoC communities are dealing with around the POC term. As participants, you can sit down, just be there, or even join in.

More information about the program and the speakers will be available here soon.

Pls. register at! Registrations by writing, video and audio are possible.

This event is explicitly addressing self-identification of people affected by racism, so we are very interested why you would like to participate.
When registering, please answer the following questions:

  • In what way have you previously dealt with the topic so far?
  • Which Kitchen Table would you like to participate in?
  • How do you situate/position yourself within this discussion?
  • Do you have needs or require support to participate (e.g. childcare or language assistance etc)?

The event takes place within the framework of the LADS funded project, #CommunitiesSolidarischDenken