What are Safe(r) Spaces?

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Thursday, September 23rd 2020, 3-7pm

Location: bUm – Auditorium, Paul-Lincke-Ufer 21, 10999 Berlin

*This event will take place in spoken German*

What are Safe(r) Spaces ? Who needs Safe(r) Spaces? Where do we need Safe(r) Spaces? And how can we create and guarantee them?
In cooperation with BIWOC Rising*, we will follow up on those questions and many more in an intensive, daylong Workshop in September and together, come up with possible Group solutions that are intersectional and create definitions.

We support the view that not everything that is labelled as Safe Space truly is a Safe Space. That is because some privileged people tend to make use of important terms in a superficial manner (Intersectionality, Diversity, Woke etc.) and on the other hand, there is a lack of clear definition, of different intentions and sometimes of wrong assumptions. These are questions we would like to address. To do so, we will scrutinize physical as well as digital living environments.

With an intersectional approach, we will with the help of an expert team and through the inclusion of experiences of Safe Space seeking People (like Trans* and non-binary People of Colour, Refugees, Woman* of Colour, People affected by abelism) develop and specify possible definitions of Safe Spaces for physical and digital spheres.

Questions that are relevant for us in this context:

  • What are Safe or Safer Spaces and who has the power to define that?
  • Does a room filled with people who have experienced discrimination qualify as a Safe Space ?
  • Considering anonymity, can digital rooms even be safe ?
  • How do algorithms control the access to digital Safe Spaces ?
Following the workshops, the definitions/possible solutions will be summarised by a creative team and published for a broad audience.
Workshop facilitators:
Carma M. Lüdtke: Graduate engineer (FH) for technical computer science, Co-Founder and CEO at LaceWing Tech.

Sanni Est: M
ultimedia artist DJ, performer, musician, actress and trans*feminist activist. Pls. find further information on Sanni Est hier.

The intensive workshop is limited to a certain number of participants.

The bUm including the bathroom is wheelchair accessible.

Questions and registration via: contact@biwoc-rising.org

Funded by:

This event is part of the project  #CommunitiesSolidarischDenken and is sponsored by LADS.