The year is coming to an end….

2019 was a very intense year for us. Many wonderful things took place (some impressions can be found here) and there were a number of structural changes. Among other things, we now have a great new board and our team has found a marvellous new colleague in Juliana Kolberg.

As many of you already know, unfortunately there was also bad news in 2019. After many years of funding, our funds were terminated as of February 2020. You can find more information here.

But: hope dies last and we still have a glimmer of hope. We will keep you updated.

Until then, we would like to thank everyone who made and still makes xart splitta what it is and are especially thankful for the many encouraging and supportive resonances we received in response to our statement. Without you xart splitta would not be what it is. Because of and with you it will possibly continue…

For now we wish everyone relaxing days and all the best for 2020!

Your xart splitta team and board