OPEN LETTER: Pass(t) uns allen

In solidarity with and as supporters of the Pass(t) uns allen alliance, we are also publishing the campaign’s open letter here.

Germany needs fair citizenship, naturalisation and voting rights!

There are currently more than 12 million people in Germany without German citizenship, 10 million of whom are of voting age. Of these, 1.5 million do not have a German passport, although they were born here. At the same time, the naturalisation rate of less than 2% is in the bottom third of the EU. If people who have lived here for years or were born here are not protected against deportation, are not allowed to vote and are subject to numerous restrictions in their everyday lives, this is not only unjust, but also a massive democratic deficit! Also in the face of right-wing terrorist attacks and everyday racism, it is central that above all those who are affected can vote and hold political office themselves. Only those who vote count.

On 27.02.2023, we sent an open Letter to the federal government and the opposition. It was signed by more than 100 well-known persons and organisations from science, culture, education and civil society and is constantly being added to on the website.

We are a nationwide alliance of migrant and anti-racist organisations and expressly welcome the planned reform of the citizenship law. Full political and social participation for all people who have their centre of life in Germany is essential for a democracy and a modern immigration society. However, in order to actually achieve this, we consider it necessary to include further aspects in the reform project and, in addition to the citizenship reform, to use the planned amendment of the electoral law to introduce voting rights for all.

Support and sign the petition here and keep up to date on the website or via Instagram!

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