critique is feeling alive


being criticized is being noticed

is willing to deal with me and my positions_statements_actings

critique is being open for contact

is wishing communication

and expressing differences

differences as a positive resource

critique is productive

critique is important to deal with each other, to learn from each other, to communicate and work with each other

critique for us starts with acknowledging of what another person thinks_does_means

critique is respectfully accepting differences – if it is not genderist_racist_ableist_classist_migratist – then critique can be severe and clear and strong and loud – because what was before was not respectful

we are trying to realize critique as form of acting

through asking open questions, asking further questions, listening, framing own positions and ideas, through avoiding universalisms, avoiding generalizing evaluations, avoiding degradations and hierarchizations

we, xart splitta, perceive critique as coming closer to one another, moving conjoined – in contact and in difference