Reihe einmischen – aufmischen

Die Reihe vermittelt Skills, damit ihr euch ein- und diskriminierende Verhältnisse aufmischen könnt. Es werden ausgehend von eigenen Ideen unterschiedliche Methoden in Workshops angeboten: Comics zeichnen, Stencil- und Graffiti-Techniken, Liedtexte umschreiben, DIY Filme machen ohne große technische Ausstattung (z.B. mit dem Handy). Ihr könnt das eigene kreative Handlungsspektrum erweitern, neue Techniken ausprobieren und konkrete Tools zum einmischen umsetzen.

Die Reihe hat im zweiten Halbjahr 2017 stattgefunden.


From Monday, October 9th, 18:30-21h, 6 dates
Creating Comics! 101

(The workshop is fully booked, sorry! Please register for our newsletter for updates on a possible follow-up

A practical crash comic course for newcomers (queers of all genders welcome), focusing in character design and comic storytelling techniques from composition and camera angles to inking and self-publishing. language: English (selforganised translation into german possible). With Henna Räsänen.
The workshop will continue over the next 6 weeks, every Monday until November 13th.

Zur Anmeldung bitte diesen Zettel ausfüllen und bis spätestens eine Woche vor dem Workshop an schicken. Danke!
To register for this workshop please fill out this form and send it to until one week before the workshop. Thank you!


About Henna:

selfie: henna

Iʼm a Berlin-based comic artist, illustrator and cultural manager. My work focuses in portraying queer and punk life through understanding, honest and prickly humor, as well as commenting the current political situation in North-Europe. As an alternative comic artist I am interested in both politics and poetics of comics, from norms to the awaiting apocalypse

Besides drawing I offer practical comic workshops and work as comic anthology editor and event coordinator. I’m always open for commission work and collaborations!

Saturday, 18th of November, 11-17h
DIY Filmmaking for absolute beginners – empowerment through anti-discriminatory (personal) storytelling

Language: English, Übersetzung selbstorganisiert möglich.
A workshop with Juli Saragosa

This is a one-day workshop for absolute beginners. The workshop prioritises spots for those who do not have access to other filmmaking workshops or education. This workshop is also prioritized for people who feel marginalized and have stories to tell that have been shut down or shut out by the mainstream. The main language of the workshop will be in English, but translation to clarify concepts will be made to German if requested.

DIY (do-it-yourself) can mean many things depending on the context. But it is more than just fixing your own bike or doing your own home repairs. It is also a movement of people (punk and rrriot-grrrl amongst others) who take control of their own representation through the self-creation and self-publishing of their own music, films, literature, etc. – without support, judgment, censorship, or manipulation from mainstream sources of funding or sponsorship (like academic institutions, production companies or record labels). Creating art through one’s own methods and capacities can support someone to feel more empowered by sharing their voice, their opinions, their experiences in a world that shuts them out and discriminates against them.

Please note: The workshop will not provide any cameras or editing software – you will learn to use what tools you have at hand so that you can create more films on your own after the workshop is over. It will provide you with skills in planning, filming and editing your own short film. Please come to the workshop with your idea(s) and your own camera (or your phone if that’s all you have), microphones, sound recorders, and your own laptop, tablet or smartphone already installed with editing software. For those who do not have a phone or a computer or any other device, please let us know when you sign up that you need to borrow a camera and a computer at the space.
On the day of the workshop, we will look at some examples by first-time filmmakers who had a story to tell about their experiences or how they see the world. We will then discuss some of the ideas that the workshop participants have for their films, and give each other feedback to support the planning of the production. The facilitator will introduce the participants to basic concepts of planning a film shoot, cinematography, lighting, and sound recording, and how to get the shots they need on the devices they have. The workshop facilitator will give a list of free or cheap software that the participants can download onto their computers, tablets or smartphones.

When you sign-up please let us know some details about yourself, positioning yourself and why you want to participate in this workshop, as well as what tools you have access to – camera / phone for filming, laptop / tablet / smartphone for editing, etc. – and also please fill out this form and send it to until one week before the workshop.

Juli Saragosa is an interdisciplinary media and performance artist who has shown work at festivals worldwide; including Milan, London, L.A., Chicago, Berlin, Vancouver and Toronto. In 2005, Amoré won the Best Canadian Film award at Toronto’s International One-minute Film Festival and in 2011 the Jury Prize for Experimental Film at the Toronto Urban Film Festival. Juli’s work extends to the curatorial and educational, as a grassroots organizer of several independent festivals (The Project8 Super8 Film Festival and Mentorship Program-Vancouver, CA and the entzaubert queer DIY uncommercial film festival-Berlin, DE), a workshop leader (LIFT-Toronto, CA and VIVO-Vancouver, CA), mentor to young artists (Inside Out-Toronto, CA, Project8, and CFC-Toronto, CA), and as a media arts instructor (SFU-Vancouver, CA, UBC-Kelowna, CA and dBs Film-Berlin, DE).

Mittwoch, 4, Oktober, 18-21h
dancing with Tears in your Eyes… Rewrite Lyrics to Sing Along!
Workshop zum Songtexte umschreiben

Languages / Sprachen:
The workshop can be held in German / English / French – adapted to the needs of the workshop prticipants.
Der Workshop kann auf Deutsch / Englisch / Französisch stattfinden – je nach Bedarf der Gruppe.

Songtexts: any language you want / jede Sprache, die du möchtest

(German version below)

Rewriting songs to include yourself and your perspectives, for a performance, at a demonstration, as a gift or simply to sing it out loud at a party!
Changing discriminatory and patchy norms in music. with bea_leander, occasionally performing with words and music, from a genderqueer, /white/, body abled perspective. We can speak German, English and French.

We’ll can have some creative brainstorming together on needs, topics and songs to choose. You may already have a song to change or a topic you miss in songs in mind? Cool! Bring it along!

Lieder um_schreiben, damit es auch um dich und deine Perspektiven geht, als Demo-Beitrag, Performance, Geschenk oder einfach zum übertönen auf einer Party! Diskriminierende und lückenhafte Normen in Musik irritieren.
Mit Bea_Leander (performt gelegentlich mit Text und Musik, von einer genderqueeren, /weißen/, körperlich ent_hinderten Positionierung aus)

Wir können mit einem gemeinsamen kreativen Brainstorming starten über Bedarfe, Themen und mögliche Songtexte. Du hast schon was im Kopf zum umschreiben oder was dir in Songs fehlt? Cool! Bring es mit!
Zur Anmeldung bitte diesen Zettel ausfüllen und bis spätestens eine Woche vor dem Workshop an schicken. Danke!
To register for this workshop please fill out this form and send it to until one week before the workshop. Thank you!


Samstag, 30. September 2017, 14-18h
Graffiti und Stencil Workshopbild einer person, die mit einer sprühdose eine wand besprüht

Aktionsform Street Art mit Folien, Cutter, Stift, Farbe und Dose. Es werden grundlegende Techniken der Graffiti- und Stencil (Schablonen)-Kunst vermittelt und raum zum auszuprobieren eröffnet. Für Lesben, trans* & inter-Personen und Frauen*. mit Nancy Rohde.

Falls vorhanden, könnt ihr gerne ein Bild oder einen Spruch mitbringen, das/den ihr gerne in ein Stencil umwandeln würdet. Gerne in Farbe, schwarz/weiß ist aber auch möglich.

Nancy Rohde ist ausgebildete Maler- und Lackiererin. In der Ausbildung entstand der erste Kontakt mit Graffiti. sie ist seit vielen Jahren als Graffiti-Künstlerin in Berlin tätig und befasst sich mit dem Thema Street Art und Stencilling (Schablonenarbeit). Nancy arbeitet als Workshopleiterin an Schulen. Hier findet ihr youtube-Videos zu Nancys Arbeit: und

Zur Anmeldung bitte diesen Zettel ausfüllen bitte bis spätestens eine Woche vor dem Workshop an schicken. Danke!