xart splitta is planning, organizing, performing, doing, supporting and collecting projects and ideas for projects which are trans_x_ing realities_spaces_actions_life in many different ways.

one of our first project has been the exhibition ‘to dyke_trans’.

at the moment, we are organizing the projects turning pages and a performance and party event on deconstructing binary genderings.

the homepage you are visiting just now with its many different dimensions, genres, questions and inspirations is another project which we are working on at the moment – and the different sites on this homepage – from topical prisms to intervening ideas into binary gender norms, from photo exhibitions to video screenings, collecting inspiring quotations and connecting inspiring trans_xing people and communities, are further ongoing smaller and larger projects we are working_living_inspiring on and with. it is our project to make trans_x_ing living better_warmer_happier, more present_ more open_questioning_searching_communicating_communities. it is our project to have fun_inspiration_contact_questions_visions_presences.

we are interested in your ideas for projects and glad to talk to you about possible forms of collaboration, support, networkings, inspiring new ideas! contact us!