In.Solidarity II – In Covid, Crisis & Care: Allyship & Awareness

for BIPoC with Can Tunç and Juliana Kolberg // 10am-3pm

This workshop will take place online and German and English spoken language is possible – Let’s help each other out!

Repeated writing in yellow, pink, blue on a purple background: "In.Solidarity II - In Covid, Crisis & Care". Images from top right to bottom left: Virus strand, with stylised person in a circle, xart splitta logo, hands bringing hearts together in a circle, speech bubble with heart, logo Migrationsrat Berlin and logo ComE In - Community, Empowerment, Intersectional.

Crises are (traumatic) challenges. The more we experience, the more likely we are to remain in a state of survival and, because that’s what we need, keep a focus on ourselves. Community, on the other hand, sees itself as networking with each other, for some as (surrogate) family, for others as safe space, but either way as a shared space. How can this be brought together?

In this workshop we want to discuss the balance with ourselves and the awareness and allyship for and in our communities. Can self-care also be in the form of solidarity? How do we protect ourselves and at the same time our siblings, friends, fellow activists? Where do we need more solidarities? And how can we deal with our privileges and deprivileges?

Black and white photo of Can Tunç smiling into the camera with glasses in a portrait cut-out.

Can Tunç has been working as part of the ComE In project team since January 2020 and is active in the area of intersectional inclusion via GLADT e.V.. In this project area, Can coordinates processes with white LGBTIQ* institutions in order to achieve more inclusivity in their structures. From the position of a Kurdish queer of colour, Can is interested in perspectives of queer of colour critique and works on the topics of awareness, critical whiteness and postcolonial critique of racism and power.

Juliana, smiling at the camera with plants in the background. In portrait detail.

Juliana Kolberg (no pronoun) has been working in the ComE In project since the beginning of 2020 and is here responsible for the area of empowerment. Juliana is also project manager of xart splitta. Juliana’s main topics are empowerment, queerness, intersectionality as well as discrimination-critical language, especially from the perspectives of queer Black diasporic movements. For more than 10 years, Juliana has been making racism-critical, intersectional awareness concepts for, with and in different contexts, as well as being an activist with and in, primarily, queer BIPoC communities.