Dissolving Territories – 2+ Aesthetics

From the series DISSOLVING TERRITORIES | cultural geographies of a new eelam

Thursday, April 5th, 7pm @ aquarium am Südblock
Guest speaker: Bafta Sarbo

What role do aesthetics play in modern-day protests? Do social justice & human rights protests require in-depth design and communication strategies to succeed? And what roles do race and class play in such movements?
In our second installment of Dissolving Territories, we will engage with questions of aesthetics of resistance. Using examples of Eelam Tamil protests in exile, we will explore the history of these protests, their communication and design strategies and juxtapose them to aesthetic practices of other modern-day protest movements.
You can find more information regarding the series »Dissolving Territories« here: www.xartsplitta.net/en/tamil-perspectives/