Dissolving Territories – 1+  Archipelago

1+ Archipelago
Thursday, March 22nd, 7pm @ aquarium am Südblock

Guest speaker: Prashanthy Sekaram

Recording of the event (Eng.).

How can home be narrated, detached from borders/frontiers and be renegotiated or created in the everyday? Can one redesign and maintain a lost country in the intimate, in your personal living space? And how does one define the question of territorial belonging via the personal living space in exile?

These and other questions we want to attend to in the opening/kick-off event for our three-part series »Dissolving Territories | cultural geographies of a new eelam«. In this context we look at different living spaces of Tamil individuals and families in exile proceeding from the consideration which continuities and memories manifest in articles of daily use and whether they can contribute to a territorial detachment from the lost home .

In this context we also inquire into spatial cultures of remembrance/memory; which narratives appear, are narrated/represented? Which traumata do we carry across generations and how are they located in living space?