Black Hair- and Skincare Hangout

It’s selfcare time

Tuesday, May 16th, 6pm #SpecialEdition with Layana: Love the Skin you’re in!

at xart splitta (Hasenheide 73, 10967 Berlin)

Black Hair- and Skincare holds so many wonderful moments and processes. From selfcare time with grooming routine(s) to your own private little beauty DYI kitchen, there is so much wonderful to learn about yourself, your own hair and skin.

Cover, writing: "Black Hair and Skincare", "Skillsharing", " Exchange", "Round Table", "It's selfcare time." with Afrocomb and Balm Tube

In the Black Hair- and Skincare Meetings we want to create a space where we can come together with all our knowledge and expertise, but also our questions and concerns and to share and exchange.

Centrally it will be about sharing especially affordable DIY products, recipes, routines and tips. To support and empower each other in learning methods and practices. Anything is possible and we will decide together where it will take us.

This event is an invitation to Black people.

Pls. register at and tell us a few things about yourself, why you would like to participate etc.

The own well-being may have a high value in our life. To care for it ourselves is learnable and can look very versatile. In this workshop we want to deal with our largest sensory organ. We want to meet our skin in a caring and enjoyable way, learn about it and get to know methods of sensual self-care.

Layana Flachs is a make up artist and sex educator. Inspired by the childhood admiration of her mother’s “femme expression”, the clear desire to dive into the “beauty industry” was formed. In over 15 years of experience in the beauty, fashion and theater scene in Germany and the USA and in 13 years of educational/consulting work, she was able to gather a wide range of experiences. She loves to put her energy into projects where she can combine both of her professions. Her passion for esthetics and her enthusiasm about empowerment through connection/self-empowerment

Thursday, September 1st, 6pm #SpecialEdition with Dr. Ruta Almedom: The Science of Black Hair, online

In this #SpecialEdition of our Hair- and Skincare Hangout, we will learn more about what makes Afro hair so unique yet so different. We will learn how to properly care for your special locks and how products can help or harm you.

Bring your favourite hair care products and together with Dr. Ruta Almedom we will discuss good and bad ingredients, both in drugstore products as well as natural products like oils etc, we will also learn how to read product labels properly or recognise greenwashing.

Learning more about Afro hair is special and important for all of us. Because even today we are confronted with a Eurocentric ideal of beauty that has its roots in colonialism and teaches a false norm that we need to break through. Hair and hairstyles of Black people have always been tools and symbols of colonialist oppression as well as Black resistance. In this hangout we will empower ourselves by sharing and exchanging knowledge, getting to know our hair better and informing each other about the best products and practices.

Dr. Ruta Almedom is a PhD biochemist with a background in genetics and molecular biology. She worked for several years in the development of care products for Afro hair. Since the beginning of 2019, she has been leading the scientific division of CodeCheck in Berlin and is involved in educating consumers about sustainability and the ingredients in their products.

She continuously criticises the portrayal by manufacturers of Afro hair being one single hair type for which one product is sufficient and wants to use her empowerment work to share her knowledge about structure, proper care and products for Afro hair and thus support Black people in caring for their hair in a sustainable and natural way.

This event takes place within the framework of the LADS-funded project #CommunitiesSolidarischDenken.